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Langley Park l 8pm l Saturday 6 February

Family Entertainment from 6pm

Special Appearance from FAT CAT at 6.30pm


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Join us under the stars in Langley Park for this beautiful and popular free event, City of Perth’s Opera in the Park, to celebrate an evening of wondrous music. For over two decades, the City of Perth has presented Opera in the Park as an annual gift to the residents and visitors of Perth, supported by Lotterywest to connect people in regional centres through a live simulcast and Healthway with the message alcohol.thinkagain.


Bring a picnic, your family and friends and enjoy an evening with Puccini’s comic opera GIANNI SCHICCHI (pronounced Jan-ee Ski-ki).


Gianni Schicchi features one of the world’s most popular arias, ‘O mio babbino caro’.The comedy takes place over one day, when a family’s greedy inheritance plans are disrupted. Cunning trickery is everything in this story; only the young lovers remain blissfully ignorant of the scheming around them. Puccini’s final completed opera is a loving tribute to Italian theatrical and musical tradition.



The Story of Gianni Schicchi

Like vultures, family members gather around the bed of recently deceased aristocrat, Buoso Donati, to mourn his passing, while secretly hoping to inherit his great fortune. Betto, Donati’s estranged brother-in-law, mentions a rumor that Donati has left his entire fortune to a monastery. The family begins to frantically search for Donati’s will. It is finally found by Rinuccio, the son of Donati’s cousin, Zita, who asks for permission to marry Lauretta, the daughter of Gianni Schicchi. She tells him that he can marry whomever he pleases once he gains his inheritance. Rinuccio sends a note to Gianni Schicchi and his daughter.


When the will is read their fears have come true. Donati has left his fortune to a monastery. Gianni Schicchi and Lauretta arrive and are treated poorly by the family. Rinuccio thinks that Schicchi can help recover Donati’s wealth. Schicchi is insulted by the family’s behaviour and refuses to help. When Lauretta begs him (singing the famous “O mio babbino caro“), he finally changes his mind.


The family move Donati’s lifeless body into another room and call upon the doctor. Schicchi hides behind the bed curtains when the doctor arrives. Delighted in Donati’s recovery, the doctor departs boasting of his admirable skills, unaware that he has been duped. Schicchi now has paperwork documenting that Donati is still alive. Disguising himself as Donati, he begins to create a new will.


When the notary arrives, Schicchi begins to dictate the new will. He lists the items that each family member has bribed him to include, which delights each one. However, he states that he leaves his house, mill, and mule to his “good friend, Gianni Schicchi.” The family is instantly furious, but they are unable to say a word. Should they speak up, the notary will discover their plot and void the will. When the new will is notarized and the official leaves the family erupts into a massive argument. Schicchi kicks them all out of the house, which he now owns. Rinuccio and Lauretta stay behind and Schicchi approves their union.



West Australian Symphony Orchestra


Sung in Italian with English subtitles




City Of Perth





Brad Cohen



Lindy Hume


Production Manager

Mandy Farmer


Gianni Schicchi

Douglas McNicol



Kiandra Howarth



Fiona Campbell



Virgilio Marino



Matthew Lester



Katja Webb



Lucy Mervik


Betto di Signa

Mark Alderson



Andrew Collis



Sam Roberts-Smith


La Ciesca

Ileana Rinaldi



Paull-Anthony Keightley


Maestro Spinelloccio/ Ser Amantio di Nicolao

Robert Hofmann