Thomas Johnson joined West Australian Opera in June as our new Head of Music, just in time to prepare the Chorus for our Elixir of Love season. We’re all delighted that Thomas is with us, and we have many initiatives for the development of the Company’s musical and artistic future in train. We have recently announced Chorus auditions for later this year.

The chorus sits at the heart of any opera company, and in Perth our chorus members combine many things. They are dedicated artists – combining their chorus work with busy lives and other job commitments. They carry an institutional memory for the Company, of productions, processes and history. They bring all of their skills and talents from the wider world to their work for the Company – this currently includes community outreach, administrative and professional experience, entrepreneurial ideas, and most of all their passion and vivacity. I love our chorus and am delighted that Thomas, with all of his energy and warmth, has taken up his role alongside me.

For those who love to sing and perform, a chorus like ours can be the ideal platform. The commitment is intense, however, and the skills required go well beyond just singing. There is the team collaboration, the self-starting attitude needed to prepare outside of chorus rehearsals, a love of language and theatre, acting ability, and flexibility – the capacity to respond to direction, to flow as part of a larger group, to imagine possibilities and anticipate problems. This skill set is a very particular one.

With that in mind, we have announced auditions: because we want to cast our net widely, to continue to infuse our Company with new energy, and to identify new or hitherto-undiscovered talent. We are always looking for tenors in particular!

So, if you know of anyone who fits the bill above, or if that person is you, please write to us with your details.

Until next time,


Brad Cohen
Artistic Director




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