Sometimes I come across something which I am very keen to share, and in this month’s post I will be focussing on someone else’s writing in this way. Frank Cottrell Boyce’s piece for the Guardian last week speaks to a matter which is at the top of our cultural concerns, both in the UK and Australia (the two countries between which I divide my time).

In the UK, our new government has a Culture Secretary whose credentials are even thinner than those of her recent predecessors. And in Australia, our government has been returned to power with a mandate which conspicuously omitted any form of cultural program or undertaking.

The Cottrell Boyce article is the best of its kind. It doesn’t whine about the arts being ignored, it doesn’t make a special-case claim for their exceptionalism, and it doesn’t lambast governments for their failure to protect culture. What it does do – wonderfully – is express what culture is in society, and why it is important. I urge you to read it. The link is here


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