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Mary-Attracta Connolly

Fledermaus – 1996

Lindy Hume’s production of Die Fledermaus set in 1930’s Manhattan was designed by Angus Strathie – yes, the same Angus Strathie who, together with Catherine Martin, won an Oscar for the costume design of the Baz Luhrmann movie, Moulin Rouge!  With this production debuting in Perth it was a treat to have Angus costume fittings where I recall him staying, with words to the effect, that ‘this production will never look this good again’ as many of the Ladies in the Chorus were tall and svelte which suited perfectly the design of his flowing 1930’s satin gowns.  The wonderful Brian Stacey conducted this production which, sadly, was to be his last with WAO as he was tragically killed in a traffic accident on his way home from the theatre in Melbourne not long afterwards.