We invite you to become involved with your State Opera Company.


Through the Private Giving Program you can personally assist West Australian Opera. The company needs donors to help us achieve our vision and we cannot do it without your support.


Opera is an expensive business. Even with healthy ticket sales, the expense of producing opera is not covered by box office and public funding alone. To support, nurture and develop our talented West Australian singers and to deliver an accessible and exciting program to West Australian audiences, we need the support of our community of donors.



West Australian Opera’s Endowment Fund has been established to build capital reserves and will support and continue our work to be a significant, vibrant opera company for tomorrow’s generation of artists and audiences. Bequests, unallocated Major Gifts and Capital Funds contributed by individuals will be placed within the Endowment Fund.


Income earned enables West Australian Opera to perform at the highest possible standard, to run a training program for young artists and to keep opera a live and accessible art form for all West Australians. Donors enjoy a special relationship with West Australian Opera and donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.



If you would like to become an important part of West Australian Opera, you can become one of our valued donors. The Private Giving Program supports the company’s ability to –


  • Present three staged operas each year featuring local, national and international artists
  • Strengthen our education initiatives and introduce children to live opera
  • Present ‘Opera in the Park’ free to over 15,000 people each year
  • Develop singers through the Young Artist Program which includes visiting artist residencies, language and diction coaching, private singing lessons, movement choreography, acting and character development


If you would like to make a donation you can: