Cast of Supporters



West Australian Opera would like to thank the following donors for their generous donations to the Private Giving Program.


LEADERSHIP CIRCLE (Gifts $10,000+)

Julian & Alexandra Burt

Andrew & Nicola Forrest

Warwick Hemsley

James Galvin Foundation

Ernst & Young

Anonymous (1)


PRINCIPAL PATRON (Gifts $5,000+)

Dr. Jack Bendat AM & Mrs. Eleanor Bendat

Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Denz

Bridget Faye AM

Dr. Patricia Kailis

The Robert Kimpton Family

Dr. Robert Larbalestier

Richard Tarala & Lyn Beazley AO

Stan Perron Charitable Trust

Society of WA Opera Lovers Inc.

Joyce Westrip OAM

Anonymous (1)


BENEFACTOR (Gifts $2,500 – $4,999)

Neil Archibald & Alan R Dodge AM

Matthew J C Blampey

Dr. Bryant Macfie

Neil & Annie Patrick

Sonia Phelan

M & A Tuite

Anonymous (1)


SUPPORTER (Gifts $1,000 – $2,499)

Mr.s Gaysie Atkinson

Peter Blaxell

Peter & Robin Briggs

Cathy Bardon & Bob Cassie

Lynne Burford Publicity

Helen Carroll

Constance Chapman

Lorraine Ellard

Richard Farago

Catherine Ferrari

Susan Franklin

Mindy Green & Stephen McDonald

Dr. Dennis Hayward

Kathryn Hogan and Graham Droppert

Francis Landels

Patrick Lilburne

Suzanne & Anthony Maple-Brown

David McGechie

Dr. Ken Michael AC

Richard Noble & Co

Thurston Saulsman

Michelle Saunders

Linda Savage

Dr. Peter Simpson OAM

Tri & Christina Suseno

Ann Whyntie

Martin Woodward

Anonymous (1)


FRIEND (Gifts $200 – $999)

Ian & Kerry Adams

Miss A Agnello

David Ambrose

Harry Anstey

Rae Baba

Mary-Anne Baljic

Mrs Betty T Barker

Shirley Barraclough

Martin & Tracy Blake

Peter Blaxell

Helen Borushek

Henry Boston

Robert Branchi

Mrs. Lynne Buzzard

FRIEND (Gifts $200 – $999)

Joan Frances Carney

Mary Carr

Vincent Caruso

Barry Cassidy

Carolyn Chard

Bearnaise Chellingworth

Matt & Nancy Clarke

Dr. Douglas Clifford

Agatha & Alex Cohen AD

Tony & Sheila Cockbain

Helen Cook

Frank Cooper

Mark Coughlan

Peter Coxhead

Lesley & Peter Davies

Micheal Davis

Mrs. Shirley Egan

John Evans

Friends of His Majesty’s Theatre

Pat Gallaher

George Gavranic

Isobel Glencross

Lee Goddard-Williams

P & A Hawkins

David & Deborah Hayes

Dr.Penny Herbert

Ian & Sue Hobson

Dita Jevons

Prof. Louis Landau

Suzette Landels

Rosalind Lilley

Jenny McNae OAM

Judith McGuinness

Drs. AD & KM McQuillan

Bernard Mearns

Gemma Moltoni

Nationwide Roofing Pty Ltd

Lynette Nicholson

Ingrid O’Brien

Max & Susan Page

Mary Peck

Mrs. A Pedlow

Jerry Pinnow

Jennifer Rankin

Rosalin Sadler

Lindsay & Suzanne Silbert

David Smeeton

Dr. Maureen Smith

Dr. Louise Sparrow

Elizabeth Syme

John & Antoinette Tate

Bob & Kay Turner

Grady Venville

Diana Warnock

Anne Watson

Joy Wearne

Dr. Deborah Weir

Olive Wheeler-Brennan

Peter & Hilary Winterton

Donna Woodhill

Mature Adults Learning Association

Anonymous (14)











Bendat Family Foundation

Bel canto Fund

James Galvin Foundation

Minderoo Foundation

Stan Perron Charitable Trust

Tuite Family Foundation

Wright Burt Foundation



This fund helps to build capital reserves to secure the company’s future. Bequests, major gifts and capital funds from by individuals will be placed within the Endowment Fund. Thanks to the leadership donors of the Belcanto Fund.



West Australian Opera acknowledges those people who have made a special commitment to help secure our future through a bequest.


Ailsa West

Anita & James Clayton

Anonymous (1)