Wesfarmers Arts Singing Classes

Sing with us!

Everybody has a voice but do you know how to use yours? We invite you to find out with Wesfarmers Arts Singing Workshops run by West Australian Opera. Classes for 18 years +

Whether you’re a seasoned chorister or an absolute beginner, we want to share with you the unique experience of singing in an opera chorus. We will explore a wide range of repertoire and gain insight into what makes opera such an incredible art form. You will leave each workshop feeling inspired by the magnificent music you help bring to life – all in a relaxed, social and fun environment


Monday 12 June – Monday 31 July
$220 for 8 weeks (every Monday)
Level 3, His Majesty’s Theatre Perth

Monday 2 October – Monday 20 November
$220 for 8 weeks (every Monday)
Level 3, His Majesty’s Theatre Perth


Wesfarmers Arts Singing Workshops (Beginners) 6pm – 7.15pm
This is a great class for absolute beginners or those with a little singing experience. Starting with the basics of vocal production and an introduction to aural training, participants will experience a whirlwind tour of the various styles and traditions of operatic singing. We aim to prove that anybody can sing and that the rewards are immense. Participants will discover a newfound love of singing together with friends.

Wesfarmers Arts Singing Workshops (Intermediate) 7.30pm – 8.45pm
Aimed at those with some singing experience, this stream will help to refine and develop existing skills through the rehearsal of more advanced repertoire from the operatic canon. Participants will walk away with a deeper appreciation of the beauty of ensemble singing and the artistic possibilities it can portray, from the most solemn of depths to the truly exultant.