About the show

Seville, at the house of Dr Bartolo.

Act One
Count Almaviva has fallen in love with Rosina, and is determined to woo her without revealing his noble birth. Rosina is effectively kept a prisoner by her elderly guardian Dr Bartolo who wants to marry Rosina himself and claim her dowry. Disguised as a ‘poor student’, the Count serenades Rosina under her bedroom window, but with no result. He approaches the local barber, Figaro, who agrees to help in exchange for gold. Rosina, who is already enchanted by the attentions of the ‘poor student’, is told by Figaro to watch for a ‘drunken soldier’ who will be ‘the poor student’ in disguise. The Count, now dressed as the ‘drunken soldier’, forces his way into Dr Bartolo’s house where, in the confusion he and Rosina manage to exchange letters.

Act Two
That night, the Count returns to Dr Bartolo’s house in his third disguise as ‘Don Basilio’ who says he is a music teacher called in to replace Rosina’s usual teacher who has ‘fallen ill’. While the music lesson takes place, Dr Bartolo dozes off, and the Count and Rosina confess their love for each other. When Figaro arrives to give Dr Bartolo his weekly shave he steals the key to Rosina’s balcony window. Rosina’s real music teacher also arrives but the Count bribes him to leave. The Count and Rosina plot to elope later that night but their plans are overheard by Dr Bartolo. When everyone has left, Dr Bartolo summons a notary so he can marry Rosina immediately. Figaro and the Count return with a ladder and climb up to Rosina’s balcony, gaining entrance just as the notary arrives. Dr Bartolo goes outside to see what the disturbance is and removes the ladder. Inside, the Count reveals his true identity and asks the notary to marry him to Rosina. Almost everyone celebrates this happy outcome!



Composer –  Gioachino Rossini
Conductor – Richard Mills
Director – Cath Dadd
Production Manager – Mandy Farmer
Figaro – James Clayton
Rosina – Emma Matthews
Count Almaviva – John Longmuir
Dr Bartolo – Douglas McNicol
Basilio – Andrew Collis
Berta – Fiona Campbell
Fiorello – Mark Alderson

West Australian Opera Chorus
West Australian Symphony Orchestra