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ACT ONE – Outside the Commendatore’s house

Leporello stands watch for the masked Don Giovanni, who is trying to seduce the Commendatore’s daughter, Donna Anna. When she tries to unmask him Don Giovanni flees, pursued by the Commendatore, whom Don Giovanni kills in a duel. Donna Anna makes her fiancé, Don Ottavio, swear to avenge her father’s murder.

Don Giovanni turns to new adventures. On the street he sees a lady, Donna Elvira, who is searching for the man who seduced and abandoned her; she recognises Don Giovanni. He runs away, promising that Leporello will explain everything.

Don Giovanni encounters a group of peasants celebrating the marriage of Zerlina and Masetto. He throws a celebratory banquet and tells Leporello to get rid of the groom. Donna Anna, Donna Elvira and Don Ottavio arrive all wearing masks, and are invited to join the party. While Leporello distracts Masetto, Don Giovanni entices Zerlina away. Her cries for help are heard, and when Don Giovanni tries to accuse Leporello of being the offender, the three avengers unmask before Don Giovanni.


Leporello has tired of life with Don Giovanni, but a bribe persuades him to exchange clothes with Don Giovanni for yet another amorous adventure. The target this time is Donna Elvira’s maid. Don Giovanni, disguised as Leperello, leads them in different directions and then gives Masetto a beating. Leporello tries to escape from Donna Elvira. Don Ottavio and Donna Anna enter, soon joined by Masetto and Zerlina. Leporello discards his disguise, apologises to them all and escapes.

Don Giovanni is in a cemetery, at the foot of the Commendatore’s statue. Leporello arrives. Don Giovanni is warned by the statue of his approaching doom. He forces the terrified Leporello to invite the statue to supper. Don Giovanni dines, waited on by Leporello while a band of musicians plays.  There is a loud knock at the door; it is the statue of the Commendatore. He invites Don Giovanni to dine with him and as a pledge they grasp hands. The grip is ice-cold and, even as his limbs begin to freeze, Don Giovanni still refuses to repent. He is hurled down into the flames of hell…



Composer – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Libretto – Lorenzo Da Ponte
Conductor – Brad Cohen
Director – Göran Järvefelt
Rehearsal Director – Roger Press
Set and Costume Designer – Carl Friedrich Oberle
Lighting Designer – Nigel Levings
Don Giovanni – Teddy Tahu Rhodes
Leporello – James Clayton
Il Commendatore – Jud Arthur
Donna Anna – Anita Watson
Don Ottavio – Jonathan Abernethy
Donna Elvira – Emma Pearson
Masetto – Wade Kernot
Zerlina – Rebecca Castellini

West Australian Opera Chorus
West Australian Symphony Orchestra

Show Imagery