About the show

Act One
Nemorino yearns for Adina, a wealthy farmer, who is also being pursued by the sergeant Belcore. Nemorino asks a quack doctor, Dulcamara, for an elixir which will make Adina return his love. Dulcamara gives him a placebo. As Nemorino takes the elixir his confidence grows so much that when Adina appears he feigns disinterest in her. Astonished by his change in behaviour, she accepts Belcore’s proposal of marriage.

Act Two
Nemorino is desperate for the elixir to take effect. Dulcamara assures him that a second dose will speed things up, but Nemorino has no money left. Belcore tricks him into signing up for the army in return for cash, so that Nemorino can buy more elixir. Belcore is delighted to have tricked his rival to enlist in the army. Meanwhile, Nemorino’s uncle dies, leaving him a fortune. The village girls hear the news and flock around Nemorino – who thinks the elixir is working. Adina, humbled, realises that she cares for Nemorino after all.



Composer – Gaetano Donizetti
Conductor – Stuart Stratford
Director – Simon Phillips
Rehearsal Director – Cathy Dadd
Set Designer – Michael Scott-Mitchell
Costume Designer – Gabriela Tylesova
Lighting Designer – Nick Schlieper
Nemorino – Aldo Di Toro
Adina – Rachelle Durkin
Belcore – José Carbó
Dr Dulcamara – Marco Nisticò
Giannetta – Jennifer Barrington
Driver/Notary – Brodie Masini

West Australian Opera Chorus

West Australian Symphony Orchestra