About the show

Act One
It’s pearl diving season in Ceylon. Zurga greets the villagers as they celebrate, and during the festivities a young man named Nadir arrives. Nadir and Zurga were once friends, and they reminisce about a woman. Nadir does not tell Zurga that he spent a night with this woman and has been in love with her ever since. When Nourabad arrives with a woman Nadir recognizes her voice and knows it is Leila, the woman he is obsessed with.

Act Two
Nourabad barricades Leila in a temple. Leila tells him about a man she once rescued and who, in gratitude, gave her the necklace she wears. Nadir reunites with Leila but when Nourabad catches them he tells the villagers that Nadir has betrayed them all. Zurga calms the villagers until Nourabad reveals Leila’s identity, and Zurga realises that Nadir has lied to him.

Act Three
Leila begs Zurga for Nadir’s life and admits she loves him. Leila asks Zurga to give her mother the necklace that she wears. Zurga recognizes the necklace as the one he gave to the woman who saved him, and realizes that it was Leila who had rescued him years before.Nourabad urges the villagers to kill Leila and Nadir. Realising it is his turn to save Leila, Zurga tells the villagers that the village is on fire, allowing Leila and Nadir time to escape. Zurga awaits the judgment of Nourabad and the outraged pearl fishers.



Composer – Georges Bizet
Conductor – Brad Cohen
Director – Michael Gow
Set & Costume Designer – Robert Kemp
Lighting Designer – Matt Scott
Leila – Emma Matthews
Nadir – Jonathan Abernethy
Zurga – Sam Roberts-Smith
Nourabad – Wade Kernot