2018 Brochure

Cover Image

A beautiful heart shaped bouquet floats against a velvety black background. The image is romantic, seductive and engaging.  Cradled within the heart motive sits a real heart, the heart is protected by its floral shell but at the same time this protective frame seems to restrict the internal organ suggesting vulnerability and impending danger. The rose sprouts new shoots (symbolic of the next 50 years and nod to 50th golden anniversary just gone). The harsh barb wire entwines the soft heart and one pricks the flesh releasing a single blood drop. Music makes your heat beat faster and the imagery represents the tragedy, love, freedom, and fragility in the operas. Each part draws a connection to the 2018 productions:

La Bohème – the bleeding heart
The Cunning Little Vixen – the forest/foliage
Carmen – the red rose
Don Giovanni–the harsh barb wire

Campaign Images

Each opera is pictured with one of the lead singers and the image is intentionally raw, black and white and exposed.
The theme for 2018 is that of the Free spirit and reflects each protagonist’s character

  • The way they lead their lives – not conventional
  • The way they are perceived in their respective stories –  the rule breakers, the anti-heroes
  • What they seek – freedom, liberty, truth

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