Thank you for your support of your state opera company

Thank you to all our partners, funders, donors and patrons for your support during the challenges of 2020 when live performance came to a halt. Through your support we were able to keep artists employed, stay connected with each other and were fortunate to return to the stage at the end of 2020 and launch an exciting and enriching program for 2021. 

The current situation is still uncertain, but with your continuing support we will continue to speak to the heart through the human voice; to share the joy of music through opera and the powerful stories opera tells.

This tax time help us to do even more with your donation. 


On behalf of West Australian Opera I would like to thank all our partners, funders and donors and patrons. Your support of the company during the challenges of the last year when live performance came to a halt is very much appreciated.

With your support we were able to keep artists employed and stay connected with our audiences through the Ghost Light Strategy which moved us online.

Our vision is to speak to the heart through the human voice; to share the joy of music through opera and the powerful stories opera tells.

We are grateful to each of you for staying the course with us and being part of our recovery plan as we move through these challenging times.

Carolyn Chard AM
WAO Executive Director


This year we've been back on stage since July. We are still dealing with the effects of COVID-19. We are dealing with all the uncertainty, and yet we are still managing to produce great work; none of which we could do without you.

Chris van Tuinen
WAO Artistic Director


We have had many successes in the last year. We have had digital outreach through playlists and concerts. We have had safe concerts in the Government House Ballroom and Opera in the Park, regional concerts throughout Western Australia, and we have managed to come back and sing for you in the place we love the best, His Majesty's Theatre.

We love singing for you; we love being with you, so thank you.

Paul O'Neill
WAO Principal Artist


We want to say thank you not just to the opera but to the people that support the opera. Your decision to invest in local West Australian art has incredible ongoing benefits that will continue for decades to come.

It's a wonderful opportunity for us to be able to have the honor to serve a story which is much bigger than us.

Gina Williams AM & Guy Ghouse
Songwriters & Composers, Koolbardi wer Wardong


We have appreciated everything you have done for us, whether that is online or coming to our concerts when theatres are open or through Instagram or through the Facebook page. We do notice when you like us, tag us and we love to see that.

So much about what we do is about you and your enjoyment. Your involvement has kept us going through the challenges of last year, so thank you.

Lachlann Lawton & Chelsea Burns
WAO Wesfarmers Arts Young Artists