I am writing to add my small penny worth to ‘The Love of the Nightingale’ and what I’m sure must have been a torrent of praise for the tense moments we all enjoyed during the Love of Philomele.  I’ve never felt an audience that was, like myself, so completely still, so completely silent as it was during the Nightingale song  (so beautifully staged and performed by Emma Matthews.)  I only noticed later that no-one clapped at this point and I’m very glad this happened – applause would have completely broken the spell we were under.

I’m writing this not just in praise of the opera and the performers but in the fervent hope that this opera will become part of the repertoire and that many will have the chance to experience the thrill of it.

Well done Richard Mills, Lindy Hume and all the crew and cast which contained several of my favourite singers. I am a subscriber and for many years a donor to WA Opera – keep on keeping on please.


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