My favourite story involves ‘Opera for the Mines’ in Kalgoorlie which was a WAO Corporate event I was involved in. Living in Bunbury I decided that a ‘stress free’  way of getting to the airport for the flight to Kal would be to take the coach from Bunbury and then meet Marilyn Phillips and Pamela Turner at WAO and travel to the airport ready for the flight. Of course I had completely overlooked the peak hour traffic and so I was running hopelessly late when – struggling with my case – I finally got to His Majesty’s Theatre and, of course, Marilyn and Pam were long gone. Now in a complete panic and with about 45 minutes to the flight time I ‘ran’ up to the corner of Barrack Street to get a taxi. Naturally there wasn’t one to be seen when I got there but very shortly one pulled up on the opposite side of the road. It was at that point that I determined that little old ladies notwithstanding ‘no one’ was going to get that taxi before me!!  I made it to the Taxi, fortunately without having to manhandle any other would-be passenger, and on entering the cab said to the driver   ‘I have to catch a plane in 30 minutes can you get me to the airport in time?’. To this day I can recall the driver who said to me in a very heavy French accent ‘Sir, I am an ex Parisian taxi driver and if anyone can, I will get you to the airport no problem’. What followed was an experience I will long remember and he indeed managed to get me to Perth Airport with some time to spare.   As we pulled up, with my stress levels at meltdown I sent a text to Marilyn along the lines of ‘I have arrived and am just checking in sorry for the delay’. Marilyn’s’ response was immediate ‘flight delayed 90 minutes….don’t panic!!’ Thank you WAO for a truly memorable experience – I had the good fortune to be asked to perform in several memorable corporate events for WAO and they have all left some very special memories but that one was definitely the ‘pick of the bunch’!!


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