Tim Schoenmakers

A wardrobe malfunction can even happen in the opera! In the WAO production of Norma done some years ago, starring the late, great Elizabeth Connell, the chorus and supers were preset behind the curtain for the opening. The 2 male supers were only wearing loincloths and just before the curtain went up they were given the signal to dip both hands into a cauldron of fake blood. On this particular evening, one of the supers turned to get into position after doing this and as he did so a portion of his anatomy escaped from the confines of his loin cloth. I heard a frantic whisper ” Timmy, help me!” I just had time to push the offending piece of anatomy back into place for him, in front of the whole chorus, before resuming my position. That night, instead of the chorus having a serious look on their faces in this opening scene, everyone had to struggle not to smile!


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