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Principal Partnership Signed with Wesfarmers Arts

West Australian Opera’s principal partner Wesfarmers Arts has renewed their partnership with the state opera company for a further five years. This is the third extension of the agreement and a clear demonstration of Wesfarmers’ loyalty and commitment to the arts in Western Australia.

Carolyn Chard AM, Executive Director, West Australian Opera, acknowledged the continued support of Wesfarmers Arts and said, “West Australian Opera is grateful for the longstanding partnership with Wesfarmers Arts, particularly during these incredibly challenging times. The leadership of Wesfarmers Arts to continue to support the company over the next five years shows faith, not only in the state opera company, but also the arts sector in Western Australia. Connecting with audiences through the power of sung stories is at the heart of what we do. We have been working in the ghost light for over half a year and have been very fortunate to have made a return to live performance with presentations in His Majesty’s Theatre in the city and recently in Albany, Walpole and Mandurah. We are grateful for this Principal Partnership which underpins everything that we do.”

Wesfarmers Arts has enabled the company to create and present new work through the Wesfarmers Arts Commissions of The Love of the Nightingale (2007) and Koolbardi wer Wardong (2020/21); to develop the next generation of artists through the Wesfarmers Arts Young Artist Program; and to provide community connection and participation through the Wesfarmers Arts Singing Classes which have been delivered in the studio and more recently online throughout the shutdown period while the company was away from the stage working in the Ghost Light.

Wesfarmers Arts enabled the company to continue working ‘in the ghost light’ to enable connection with the community and continue the employment of artists with the Wesfarmers Arts Virtual Singing Classes which attracted over 1800 participants; and employment of the Wesfarmers Arts Young Artists, in the digital work The Telephone as well as virtual coaching.

Rob Scott, Managing Director, Wesfarmers, said “Wesfarmers is pleased to see the state opera company flourish and we are particularly proud of the Wesfarmers Arts musicians and songwriters, Gina Williams AM and Guy Ghouse, who have been commissioned to write an opera for young people to be performed in the Noongar language based on the traditional story of Koolbardi (magpie) and Wardong (crow).”