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WAO Playlist Series IX Curated by Perry Joyce

To coincide with our Act-Belong-Commit Singing for Kids classes and Lullabies for Babies series, we asked Tenor and singing teacher Perry Joyce what his favourite operatic numbers for young voices are. Read the list and listen to the full playlist below.

Where – The Rabbits

Kate-Miller Heidke and Iain Grandage together at their best in this Opera Australia collaboration in 2015 setting the story of the invasion of the rabbits to music. An important Australian story set beautifully and tenderly in this song of yearning.

Little Boys Trio Act 2 no. 16 Terzett – Seid uns zum zweiten Mal willkommen

A trio of boys, which echo the Masonic symbolism and significance of the number 3, in this scene sent to help and offer advice to Tamino and Papageno to reach their goals.

Sommo Giubilo Eccellenza – Tosca 

A short scene early on in the opera Tosca where the Sacristan and the church choristers, comprising of children, celebrate the news that Napoleon has been defeated at Marengo.

La Sui Monti Dell’Est – Turandot 

This beautiful chorus from Puccini’s last opera Turandot which he based on the Chinese melody Mo Li Hua.

Io De sopspiri – Tosca 

This song, which in a Romanesco dialect, is featured in the opening act of 3 which depicts a shepherd boy greeting the Dawn, with the bells of Rome in the distance.

A vixen’s running through the woods – The Cunning Little Vixen 

This chorus by Janacek perfectly depicts the vixen and her little cubs darting through the forest.

Papageno Papagena Duet – The Magic Flute 

A charming duet from the Magic Flute where Papageno finally meets his soul mate. Staccato singing at its best!

Avec La Garde Montante – Carmen 

Here the street urchin children mock the soldiers during the changing of the guard. Excellent chorus writing for children.

Song to the Moon – Rusalka 

One of the most stunning arias ever written from this tale of the Little Mermaid who has fallen in love with a human.

March of the Toreadors – Carmen 

Lots of the opera’s most famous melodies feature in this exciting crowd scene in Act 4 of Carmen. Here the children get to join in the fun of full chorus singing as everyone eagerly awaits the arrival of the bullfighters.