Wundig wer Wilura

Forbidden love, feuding families, and fatal consequences. An ancient Noongar story of star-crossed lovers...

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"I'll love you till the stars fall down from the sky."

About the show

Wundig is a handsome young man, and much-loved member of the Hills people. Wilura is a beautiful young woman adored by her family, the Grass people.

Wundig wer Wilura (Wundig and Wilura) is an ancient Noongar story of star-crossed lovers, who break the bounds of lore and custom, and have their souls forever banished to Mount Brown (Wongborel) and Mount Bakewell (Walwalling) in York, Western Australia.

Family and connection to country, obligation and rebellion, adoration and betrayal, love and war. In the face of catastrophic consequences, how far would you go for love?

Sung in Noongar, this striking new production from award-winning songwriters and storytellers Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse is a new Wesfarmers Arts Commission that will premiere in Perth Festival.


From the history to the key characters, check out our handy online guide HERE for all you need to know about this beautiful new opera.


Writers & Composers Gina Williams & Guy Ghouse
Arrangement & Orchestration Dr Chris Stone
Conductor Aaron Wyatt
Director Matt Reuben James Ward
Choreographer Ian Wilkes
Set Designer Matt McVeigh
Costume & Cultural Props Designer Peter Farmer Designs
Costume & Cultural Props Associate Designer* Rae Cottam
Lighting Designer Mark Howett
Sound Designer Jeremy Turner
Digital Content Creator Roly Skender
Repetiteur Joshua Haines

Wundig Jarred Wall
Wilura Jess Hitchcock
Mubarn (Clever Man) David Leha aka Radical Son
Bworan (Old Man) Ronald Dick
Ngaank (Wilura's Mother) Charley Caruso
Kabaarli Kalyat (Nanna Cheek, Wilura's Nanna) Della Rae Morrison
Gulambiddi (Wilura's Betrothed) Jarrad Inman
Mandi (Wundig's Betrothed) Bella McGill
Maamyok (Wundig's Mother) Teresa Moore
Kongk (Wundig's Father) Tyrone Brownley
Maambart (Wilura's Father) Rubeun Yorkshire

Ensemble: Jack Collard, Caitlin Collom, Rachael Colmer, Ronald Dick, Natasha Eldridge, Indigo Ellis, Julianna Marie, Alana McGaw, Kobi Morrison, Tristan Tucker, Olman Walley, Ian Wilkes

Children: Thomas McGill, Ziggy James Penfold, Winnie De Silveira, Chanel Young

West Australian Symphony Orchestra

*Supported by Bruce & Charmaine Cameron


Download the Program as PDF.

Download the Wesfarmers Arts Synopsis and Cast List.

An exhibition of eleven new paintings by Noongar Balladong artist Dennis ‘Noongali’ Kickett will be presented by West Australian Opera alongside Wundig wer Wilura (Wundig and Wilura) at His Majesty’s Theatre.

Kickett’s incredible paintings are based on the story of Wundig and Wilura. An ancient Noongar story, Wundig and Wilura break the bounds of lore and custom, and their souls are banished to Mount Brown (Wongborel) and Mount Bakewell (Walwalling) in York, Western Australia.

“The legend of Mount Brown (Wongborel) and Mount Bakewell (Walwalling) is part of my dreaming and my songlines which has been handed down to me from generation to generation. For me, to paint the legend takes it to another platform where I can educate people about my songlines and my dreaming,” Kickett said.


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Dates & Times

DURATION 90 minutes, no interval
9 February 2024 Friday - 7.30pm (Opening Night)
10 February 2024 Saturday - 7.30pm
11 February 2024 Sunday - 5.00pm
13 February 2024 Tuesday - 6.30pm
14 February 2024 Wednesday - 6.30pm
15 February 2024 Thursday - 6.30pm


His Majesty's Theatre

825 Hay Street

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Event notes

Content Warning

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are advised that this work may contain images may contain images and sounds that relate to people who have passed away


All music composed by Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse ⓒ 2020 Wanjoo Pty Ltd. All rights administered by Perfect Pitch Music Publishing (APRA), on behalf of Wanjoo Pty Ltd, All rights reserved. Used by permission.