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What to expect from singing classes with West Australian Opera

Ahead of West Australian Opera’s newest season of its popular Wesfarmers Arts Singing Classes, WAO Education Manager Olivia Ferguson reflects on what to expect from classes in 2024.

What can I expect from Wesfarmers Arts Singing Classes?

In these classes, you will learn vocal and musicianship skills from leading industry professionals and West Australian Opera artists. Surrounded by friendly, like-minded people you can have the opportunity to let loose and have fun learning some beautiful music.

How is this year different from previous Wesfarmers Arts Singing Classes?

This year, we are running an exciting new format for these classes.

They are now running in two streams so participants of all abilities can join, and they are running fortnightly to work around people’s busy schedules. There will be a small showcase at the end of season one, and at the end of season two this year, there is going to be an exciting opportunity for the participants to perform and showcase what they’ve learned for family and friends.

What music is taught in these classes?

A range of styles and genres have been covered in these classes over the years, from operatic choruses in foreign languages like French, Italian, German and Noongar, to music theatre and contemporary music. The music is chosen to give you a taste of the classical music world but is tailored so that you won’t be overwhelmed.

If I've never sung before, are these classes for me?

Absolutely! These classes are suitable for everyone from absolute beginners to experienced musicians. We have a Beginners class run this season by Soprano Beth Redwood where you can both have fun learning to sing and develop some music skills in the process.

What’s the difference between the two classes?

The Beyond Beginners class is for those who have some music experience and are looking to expand their skillset and develop more advanced vocal technique. The Beginners’ class is for those who are a bit more tentative to dip their toes into the singing world. Both classes are designed for everyone to have fun and challenge themselves.

Who are the teachers?

Following many previous seasons of Wesfarmers Arts Singing Classes, acclaimed soprano Lisa Harper-Brown returns to teach Beyond Beginners in collaboration with conductor and composer Laurissa Brooke.

Soprano Beth Redwood teaches the Beginners class. A recent WAAPA graduate, Beth is an experienced musician and teacher.

Beginners classes commence on 13 March and Beyond Beginners commence on 11 March. Learn more.