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WAO Playlist Series Curated by Terasa Letizia

This week's playlist has been curated by our Education Manager, Terasa Letizia. As Education Manager, Terasa spends a lot of time on the road sharing the magic of opera with some of our youngest fans including primary and secondary students through incursions, as well as learners of all ages with our community singing classes. Stream and read about Terasa's playlist which includes music by Mozart, Offenbach and Puccini, as well as contemporary favourites like We Are Family and America from West Side Story. If you are interested in arranging an incursion for your school or community group, please contact our Education Manager Terasa Letizia at [email protected]


Sull'aria from Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro

I attended my first opera as an 18 year old. It was The Marriage of Figaro and I was deliciously addicted. Although a comedy I love this beautifully, delicate duettino.

Offenbach Duo de la mouche from Orpheus in the Underworld 

This was the first opera I ever worked on. I was seconded from WAAPA to West Australian Opera where I first met WAO’s Stage Manager, Karen Farmer. Karen taught me so much about working with directors, designers and artists. It was a lot of hard work but so very rewarding creating a new production as colourful and bold as this one. We made so many of the props ourselves – from hot dogs in buns to bowling bags!  This cheeky little duet is a highlight.

America from West Side Story

I came to opera via musical theatre and am a massive Bernstein and Sondheim fan. My absolute favourite musical is West Side Story – a marriage of both geniuses . America is a song that I love to sing (I have a complete dance routine that goes alongside my singing!)

Puccini e lucevan le stele from Tosca

As a child we spent a lot of time on the road exploring the West Australian countryside – literally hours in the car heading out to discover something new and beautiful in our glorious state. Music in the car was an eclectic mix of my Dad’s favourite Italian Tunes, Mum’s Disco and classics from the 80’s and 90’s. E lucevan le stele always resonated with me as a child and I had absolute goosebumps when Paul O’Neil sang it live outdoors at our first ever Opera in the Pinnacles concert.

Verdi Stride La Vampa! From Il Trovatore

I love a grand dramatic tale and Il Trovatore is a work that has me emotionally gripped from beginning to end. Stride La Vampa! is a wonderful aria that really encapsulates the telling of a story.

Gounod Je veux vivre from Romeo and Juliet

From one dramatic tale to another! Je veux vivre is an aria that just makes my heart sing. When we first meet Juliet she is so full of light and hope and this aria reflects all that she dreams of. It is so important to me to always live a life of youthful exuberance. I am so fortunate that each and every day my role as Education Manager allows me the opportunity to meet and work with people of all ages who feed that sense of excitement and wonder.

Mozart a Cenar Teco from Don Giovanni

Another Mozart work. I would have liked to have met this crazy man with an obviously very wicked sense of humour. I recall the first time I saw and heard this trio – it sent shivers down my spine. I love how these three masculine voices come together in a dramatic climax!

Puccini Humming Chorus from Madama Butterfly

One of my favourite roles is the development of our community singing classes for adults and children (Wesfarmers Arts Singing Classes and Act-Belong-Commit Singing for Children) led by the equally effervescent Lisa Harper-Brown and Perry Joyce. You can participate in a live setting with other enthusiastic singers or in the privacy of your own home with one of our on-line classes. The Humming Chorus is one that we have taught as part of the lessons and although it appears “easy” there is quite a technique in being able to master it. It always moves me when I hear our community voices come together.

Take Five Dave Brubeck 

I have recently gotten back into dancing and am enjoying the freedom of contemporary movement inspired by our recent production of The Nightingale which saw us collaborate with Co3, WAYV, WAYO and Awesome Festival. I have been dancing at least 3-4 times a week and rediscovering contemporary compositions such as Electric Counterpoint  by Steve Reich and Dark Koma by Soma. Take 5 is a great feel good jazzy tune that makes you think of being outdoors on a sunny day.

We Are Family Sister Sledge

Family is everything to me and I am so proud of my husband and children. This disco dance tune takes me back to childhood family car trips (see track 4). This was one that saw us all clapping, singing together as one. I also adore my West Australian Opera family and it is a privilege to be part of such an incredible organisation. I hope this gets you moving and grooving!!