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WAO Playlist Series XXV Curated by James Clayton

This week's playlist was curated by Baritone James Clayton during our recent run of Cosi Fan Tutte. James' playlist includes music by beloved composers Puccini and Rossini as well as songs by the likes of Michael Bublé, Queen and Frank Sinatra. You can see James perform next at our Opera in the Regions season, where he will be singing at Opera in Mandurah, Opera in Albany and Opera in the Valley of the Giants. Book your tickets here

Bobby McFerrin - thinkin about your body

Bobby Mcferrin is one of the reasons I am a singer, his ability to carry off a concert with nothing more than his voice has been a constant source of inspiration to me. A true testament to the ultimate instrument. 

James Morrison - Le Belleclaire Blues

Starting out as a brass player the album snappy doo made a big impression on me, along with Pink Floyd and the Blues Brothers soundtrack - this was one of my favourite things to listen to with my Mother on the long commute from the northern suburbs to Perth Modern School every morning. 

Frank Sinatra - my way

I never got what the big deal was about Frank Sinatra until later in my life. As I started exploring crooning myself I gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for the skill involved.

Robbie Williams - Angels

This one is my wife's fault, I never thought I would like an artist like this but being a die hard fan she introduced me to Robbie Williams through his Live at the Albert Hall concert - I was hooked!

Michael Bublé - sway

Another crooner and such a cool dude as well, a lot of he appeal for me with these guys is their charisma - they just ooze it in an inexplicable way that makes you feel like the world is a pretty laid back place.

Puccini - Ch'ella mi creda

There's something so short simple and elegant about this aria and it seems to stand alone to me stylistically from other Puccini tenor arias - maybe i'm wrong but it hits all the right buttons for me. 

Rossini - Largo Al Factotum

This is one that was a dream of mine to sing since I became a proffessional singer. I first fell in love with it watching the Bugs Bunny cartoon "Long Haired Hare" in which Nicolai Shutorov sang the aria with constant interruptions from Bugs - classic stuff. It's now one of my favourite party pieces to sing.

Queen - The Prophet's Song

I couldn't make a playlist without Freddie. This is an epic track that showcases pretty much every recording technique they pioneered - it still holds it's own against modern engineering. this is one for the headphones as it has a lot of pan effects in the middle a capella section.

Berlioz - Requiem- Dies Irae

What's not to like about a piece written for an augmented symphony orchestra including 8 bassoons, 12 horns, 16 Timpanis, four brass ensembles placed east west north and south and Chorus to boot? The brass ensembles in the Dies Irae are antiphonal - questioning and answering from all sides of the stage and the piece premiered with over 400 musicians  - truly epic work!

Ifor James - Czardas

As a horn player I was always interested in playing high and fast so Ifor James was an immediate hit with me when my teacher introduced him to me. The piece Csardas is originally written for violin - but not to be outdone he double tongues his way through this like it's nothing - it was one of my party tricks when I still played, along with a multiphonic beraion of the pink panther theme - playing the bass line and singing the melody at the same time.